100 Word Story Journal Review


100 Word Story is a literary journal focused on creating stories, essays, and photo prompts in exactly 100 words. “The 100-word format forces the writer to question every word.” – 100 Word Story. Each month a photo prompt is posted which people may submit their 100 word responses. The responses selected are added to the photo stories collection on the site. A collection of stories is posted each month, along with selected essays and book reviews. The stories published stand on their own. As long as they meet the 100 word criteria, then the stories will work with the journal. There aren’t any themes or topics to follow except for the photo prompts, the stories need to work with the picture posted as well as be 100 words in length. The stories posted that are not photo prompts do have pictures as well, but because of some information lacking in the submission section, I’m not sure whether or not an individual has to send a picture in with their story as well – if they want one – or if the journal picks a picture if they end up choosing that story. Though for viewing I would say it could be more appealing. The color scheme is very simple. The only images are the ones in the photo prompt or the stories that include an image.

Overall, I think the 100-word count can prove to be an interesting and challenging exercise or story to attempt. To have a beginning, middle, and end, and making the story clear to understand can be a challenge, but I think it is one that people can enjoy and develop at.


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